The Five Essentials of Success
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As we set sail on the rough seas of life, times can often get difficult, without proper plans and direction, we can easily end up on the rocks of disaster and failure.

  Here in this small but powerful piece, Napoleon Hill gives us five quick keys to use as we navigate through our journey on this earth.  In his easily understood style, Hill fashions this amazing work for Graduates, or those still in school.  This wonderful look at Hills philosophy would be perfect gifts for Graduates, students, friends, family and those you would like to introduce to the world of Napoleon Hill.   The pages you are about to read are Hills own words as he spoke to the students, for the second time, at Salem College in 1957.  His first address was in 1922, 35 years earlier.  During Hills first speech he struck a chord with a student that day, and changed the course of his life greatly.  That student became a famous Congressman—Jennings Randolph.
  The Five Essentials of Success will help set your direction on this rough sea we call life.  Don’t miss this piece, GIVE IT—SHARE IT—READ IT—USE IT!
J.D. Okken
CEO/Founder Vieux Publishing
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The Five Essentials of Success

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